Utility bills are a key part of your budget. Learn how you can save!

Simple steps to take if ERCOT calls for conservation

When it comes to the family budget, every penny matters, so it’s important to save where one can.

Depending on one’s contract with electric and water utilities, reducing consumption with simple changes in behavior can create savings that really add up over time. We hope you’ll take advantage of this site to discover simple ways to reduce your consumption of electricity and water to protect your family budget.

We also hope you enjoy the educational materials your family, classroom or community can use to teach the conservation lifestyle. After all, in the Texas utility market, you have the power to choose AND the power to save!

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A word for teachers

As an educator, you understand the far-reaching impact of your mentorship, in both the near and long term. We hope that you’ll find useful the educational materials provided below as you work to enlighten your students on their power to influence the future with their choices. Whether it’s turning off a light switch or taking shorter showers, simple choices can make all the difference in the world, to the world. Thank you for investing in the next generation of informed Texans.

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